Here at Content Care we recognise that is often the small but repetitive chores which are the most difficult to maintain. That is why we offer trained staff who can undertake those chores for you, freeing your time and enabling you to have greater peace of mind that you are keeping on top of things.

For more information please ring 01295 768966

Services we offer

  • Laundry collection, sorting, washing, drying and ironing
  • Cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing
  • Meal planning, shopping, food preparation and serving
  • Washing up and tidying
  • Washing floors
  • Simple cleaning of inside windows
  • Fridge / freezer / cupboard inventories and checks for out of date foods
  • Assistance with feeding domestic pets

As with all our services, your care plan is entirely dependent upon what you want. We will never incorporate additional services without your agreement.