At Content Care we have helped many people in Oxfordshire to cope with temporary or permanent disabilities and the impact they can have on day-to-day living. Frequently the problems experienced may be due to mobility or physical strength issues, loss of confidence, environmental factors or the need for additional aids. Our care staff receive specialist training to provide “best practice” care and support to you. We will encourage you to maintain and develop your confidence and independence through careful support and confidential agreed liaison with you, your relatives, friends, advocates and other healthcare professionals involved.

Services we offer

We can assist you with a wide variety of support including:

  • Getting up / preparing for bed
  • Washing, shaving, showering and bathing
  • Assistance with selection of clothing and dressing
  • Assistance with medications
  • Meal planning, shopping, meal preparation and tidying away afterwards
  • Laundry, ironing and housework
  • Assistance to social activities and inclusion such as church services, meetings, coffee mornings, swimming sessions and visits to relations, friends etc.
  • Assistance to / from healthcare appointments

For more information please ring 01295 768966